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Sheila Burns - Founder, proprietor, but definitely not in charge!

We are dedicated to the rescue, protection, and rehabilitation of abused, neglected, and unwanted donkeys, mules and hinnies.

We also provide an information hoof-way to educate the public: the donkey is not a stubborn, dumb or vicious animal; but a stoic, loyal and very intelligent animal who will risk its life to protect its charges, including humans.

Thanks for visiting and donations are always very much appreciated!

PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary is a registered Canadian charity and does provide tax receipts. For further information please call Sheila 905-352-2772 or

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Patsy Donkey

Patsy is 22 years old, born in Georgetown in Sheila's first barn, from a jenny named Alice Bluegown who Sheila had rescued that was so thin you could see every bone. Sheila tried for a year to fatten her up. Everything Sheila was giving her was going to her baby that Sheila didn't know existed. July 27 1997, Patsy was born, Alice the mother, so exhausted, she couldn't get up. Sheila took Patsy into the barn, Alice forced herself up to follow and there she remained with Patsy. Alice had to be put down 2 months later. She had given up the will to live. Patsy was 3 years old when she moved to PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary with Sheila. From putting her head into a bale of rotten hay that had been left, when Sheila was not home, Patsy became instantly blind even with immediate veterinarian care.

Patsy has had two wonderful seeing eye guide donkeys Amos and Jonathon Cupcake. Amos was Patsy's faithful companion for 7 years. Amos passed away in November 2011. Jonathon Cupcake who was a miniature donkey took on the duty of being Patsy's seeing eye donkey and passed away in May 2017. Patsy is doing well and Jessie mini (a miniature donkey) thinks it's up to him to look after Patsy.

Patsy is now 21 has had to have both eyes removed 4 years ago due to pressure. Because of Patsy's compromised immune system she is exhibiting major osteo arthritis in her lower limbs which is affecting the lamini in her hooves. This is causing her a lot of pain, some days worse than others. Patsy is on pain medication and thyroid medication to help with her metabolic system.

Because of the issues with Patsy's mother, she's aging faster than normal. Patsy has special leg wraps with therapeutic magnets to improve her circulation. Patsy will be on medication and need constant hoof care for the rest of her life to keep her comfortable. We GRATEFULLY appreciate donations and since we're a registered charity we can issue receipts.

PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary Donations

We appreciate monetary donations to help with ongoing vet care, hoof care, food and supplies for the sanctuary.

You may donate through our donations page, Canada Helps, or by etransfer to 

Of course I can accept a cheque directly. Please mail cheques made out to PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary to 1296 Bowmanton Rd. RR 4 Roseneath, Ontario, Canada, K0K 2X0

As we are a registered charity I will issue a tax receipt

Thank you PrimRose and Sheila