The PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary

Photo Gallery of mules and other animals



Blitz and Canterbury

This is Blitz and Canterbury miniature horses who have recently moved in with the mules Austin, Wilson and Gordon a hinny.



Bernice is 18 years old, which is elderly for a goat. She is a very sweet goat whose friend is Kitty Lamont the sheep.  



Kitty Lamont 

Kitty Lamont started off being bottle fed (his sheep mom didn't want  him, but Sheila did!) He lived in the kitchen for 6 weeks. He moved in with the goats when he was bigger. He's a goat in sheep's clothing!



Charlotte and Dave

Charlotte and Dave pot bellied pigs. Mother and son rescued from a lady's basement in Peterborough. They enjoy their time outside in the sunshine.

 Vanna and Preston.

Vanna who is 14 years old, was a beloved pet, raised in the house and bottle-fed. Preston who is 7 years old, is a large Nubian goat, definitely king of all that he surveys.  




Carl came to us a mess. He had been pounded on by a farrier and does not trust humans at all. Was a guardian of Jesse Mule, she has since passed away. Now he has Finnigan. Some days he gets a little closer. Some days not.  We just have to let him have his own way. And we respect this.



Junebug is a hinny and she lives with her buddy Oscar at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary. Here's a link to tell you the difference between a mule and hinny.



Gordon the hinny, Wilson and Austin the mules (with Tacota and Sheema) Tacota and Sheema are both now in animal heaven.

Here's a link to tell you the difference between a mule and hinny.





PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary has a wonderful assortment of cats!