The PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary

Photo Gallery of our other animals


 This is Blitz and Canterbury miniature horses who have recently moved in with the mule and hinnies: Austin, Wilson and Gordon.

 Bernice is a very sweet goat whose friend is Kitty Lamont the sheep.  

 Charlotte and Dave pot bellied pigs 



At about three feet tall, Virgil is 10 years old. He was found at an auction, being tormented with an electric cattle prod to provoke his distinctive squeal. Slowly, he is learning to trust the other animals and the people around him. He has a favorite volunteer, Laurel that brings him special treats.






 Shadow a.k.a. Vanna

Shadow was a beloved pet, raised in the house and bottle-fed. Thus, she is very people friendly! With super-goat abilities to leap over tall barn gates, she is watched carefully by her friend Christina Rose and the sanctuary team. In fact, it is often impossible to look away from her - she has such quirky charm! Shadow and Christina Rose the sheep reside together and not sure if they are goats, sheep or donkeys!

Shadow is modeling some 'winter wear'!









Gordon the hinny, Wilson and Austin the mules (with Tacota and Sheema) Sheema is now in animal heaven.

Here's a link to tell you the difference between a mule and hinny.




Kitty Lamont and Preston

Kitty Lamont and Preston the goat have become best buddies.

Lamont started off being bottle fed (his sheep mom didn't want him, but Sheila did!) and lived in the kitchen in the cooler weather. When he started to live in the barn, he needed a room mate and that's when Preston arrived! 






A large molly mule, Jesse is a sweetheart. Her favorite person is Lauri our wonderful Equine massage therapist, who she has an incredible bond with.





PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary has a wonderful assortment of cats!