The PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary

Photo Gallery of PrimRose and her friends:



PrimRose will be celebrating her 45th birthday this year! PrimRose is the namesake of the sanctuary and the first resident. She used to pull a cart at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto and was then shifted around from farm to farm for about five years. She has been with Sheila for 23 years - the one who started it all!





Now 23 years old, Sheila has had Ote since he was eight months old. Ote was companion to Gilly flower, who was Primrose's foal. Currently, he is the patriarch of the sanctuary, companion to PrimRose, and Sheila's confidante!





20 years old, Joey is our alpha. Before he found a home at PrimRose, his owners had beaten him with a baseball bat, tied him to a tree and left him there to starve. Goats who escaped from the same farm were found by a neighbour, and when she returned them, she found poor Joey. It took two months for him to trust people, but now he is an in-your-face alpha male! 






Oliver and Mom Sally Ann

A pregnant Sally Ann was rescued from an auction by good friends of Sheila's. Sally Ann had painfully twisted, overgrown hooves. Her future that day was bleak; if not for the intervention of the Sanctuary. Oliver born two weeks after Sally's arrival and was a complete surprise. Oliver will be celebrating his 8th birthday this year on August 19th and is enjoying life with his mom at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary.




Sarah Rose and Lilly

Lilly and her mom Sarah Rose were rescued with Robbie and his mom Emily. Lilly was covered in big round burs and only about 2 or 3 weeks old. Sarah Rose was really too old to have a baby.

We think Lilly must have been born in a bur patch. Lilly is almost as big as her mom at four years old and loves hugs and kisses. Sarah Rose is our oldest resident at 49 years of age.





Riley is a teenager who was very 'wild' when first arriving at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary. He wanted to chase the other donkeys and not come near anyone to get any attention. He is a 'new and improved' donkey loving attention and not bothering the other donkeys (as much). Way to go Riley! 





Robbie is Emily's son and half brother to Christmas. Robbie and his cousin Lily were covered in round burs and very thin when rescued in April 2012. Robbie and Oliver (who is Sally Ann's son) have become best friends.



Charlie and his Angels 

Charlie (in red halter) with his Angel's, Rosie, Tiana and Amelia Bedelia (in blue halter). These very sweet donkeys are miniature and quite small in size.


Suzie Q and mom Charisma

Charisma passed away from old age on Christmas day. She was over 45 old. Her daughter Susie Q has accepted this and has developed her own routine. She will be missed by daughter Susie Q, Sheila and volunteers. 



 Marble and Sheyore

These lovely donkeys are both in their middle to late forties, have been together for 43 years and will live the rest of their lives at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary. 



Jack and Sara mini

Jack is a large standard gelding and Sara's loyal protector.

Sara is a larger miniature donkey. Since we have two Saras/Sarahs, the other Sarah is a standard sized donkey. This very sweet girl is affectionately called Sara mini!


 Finnegan and Aggie

Aggie (mammoth donkey) and Finnegan (miniature donkey) were at the sanctuary a few years ago until going to a foster farm, have now returned. Aggie is a friendly, curious gentle donkey who loves being groomed and petted and also loves Finnegan. She treats Finnegan like her son: they are often close to each other and Finnegan easily walks under Aggie’s head. However biologically they are not related.


Molly and Elizabeth

Molly and Elizabeth are very attached to each other. They arrived at the sanctuary within 3 days of each other and bonded.


 Oscar lives with his friend Junebug (a hinny) at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary and is doing very well while recovering from his surgery to remove a huge tumour from his gum. 



Snowball arrived with his Mammoth buddy Tommy. Tommy has since passed away. Snowball has become friends Riley and Robbie.



Lillian and Blanche

Daughter and Mother, both very sweet and cuddly.


Abe and Daniel

They came from a very loving home, due to medical situation they had to come here to live at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary. They are doing well and are very sweet guys.

Came from a very loving home, due to medical situation they had to come here to live.

Gloria and Nellie

 Gloria was rescued by PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary as a 6 month old. She's very independent, kind and trusting. She has now bonded with Nellie.

Nellie and her mother Polly were rescued by PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary from a goat farm. Nellie being 6 years old at the time and had never had hooves trimmed and neither had Polly. Resulting in very long hooves which called slipper foot. Our farrier worked his magic and they were both able to walk more comfortably. Polly passed away due to severe colic. Sadly missed by Nellie, but she has now found a friend in Gloria.

Jill, Joker, Grace and Sandy

They came to us as a family, previous owners were downsizing. Sandy and Grace are mother and daughter and have been together for 12 years. 



Freddy, Willie and Jack were not wanted in the Lake Erie area.3 donkeys in a trailer over the Burlington Skyway on their way to their new home in Bancroft. Many hail Marys said. Willie and Jack have been adopted out together. And Freddy went to live with a pony called Brownie. The family moved, Freddy came back here and Brownie was adopted out. Freddy is another Joey and loves to give hugs. 


Princess was in a cattle farm in Collingwood covered in cow mud. Very scared and nervous of all sounds. A very long 3 1/2 hour drive home. Peter of course at the wheel. Her eyes are a mess. She is going blind and has to wear a fly mask at all times to protect her eyes from the dirt and wind. She has no peripheral vision so you must come up to her face-on. Very head shy.  Her buddy is sometimes Sadie. Has not bonded with anyone else as yet. Princess is feeling very comfortable and safe at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary.

Her eyes are a mess. She is going blind and has to wear a fly mask at all times to protect her eyes from the dirt and wind. She has no periferal vision so you must come up to her face-on. Very head shy.  Her buddy is sometimes Sadie. Has not bonded with anyone else.