PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary Photos PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary Photos Helen the sheep 184206804 Molly donkey and Keenan Thanks to Denise Cochrane for sharing her lovely pictures with us. 184206805 Owen and Keenan with Justin Credible at Donkey Education Day 184206806 The beautiful barn at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary 184206807 Farrier Buck demonstrating hoof trimming 184206809 Joey and Owen becoming friends 184206810 Oliver following Justin Credible 184206811 Reiki Master Susan Rouse with Keenan and Owen at Donkey Education Day 184206812 184206813 Sally Ann 184206814 Shadow goat thinks the hay manger is her bed! 184206815 Annabelle 185646753 Cats having breakfast 185646754 Charlie Brown 185646755 Shadow in her winter wear, complete with hat! 185646756 John 185646757 Molly mule 185646758 Lily and mom Sara Rose 185646759 Lucy and Annbelle have a lovely chandeleir in their stall 185646760 Back view of the sanctuary's barn 185646761 Maggie and Molly 185646762 PrimRose 185646763 Happy kitty at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary 185646764 Pollie and Nellie 185646765 Llewyellen 185646766 185646767 A very well fed Virgil mule 185646768 Preston Goat 185646769 Mules and minature horses 185646770 Memorial Wall at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary Our memorial wall at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary. With a $30 or more donation to our non-profit sanctuary you will receive a 4x6 inch plaque engraved with your heartfelt message to honour your beloved pet or animal that has passed away, which will be mounted on our beautiful brick memorial wall. If you are interested in finding our more information please feel free to contact us at 185646771 Sally Ann and Oliver, mother and son 185646772 Caroling with the donkeys craft and bake sale table 188133284 Caroling with the donkeys craft and bake sale table 188133286 PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary decorated for Christmas 188133285 Gloria 191293618 Jack donkey and Shadow goat 191293619 Peter 191293620 PrimRose 191293621 Beautiful Christmas Sleigh in front of the barn 191293622 Volunteer Dave 191293623 PrimRose munching on her carrot cake at her birthday party 191293624 A very handsome Timothy in his coat 191293625 Goliath 191327952 Baby Christmas donkey 191327953 Volunteers Laurel and Dave with Lily and Sara Rose 191327954 Volunteer Lynn receiving a hug from miniature donkey Jonathon Cupcake 191415147 Austin mule 192526837 Goliath 192526838 Happy donkeys having lunch 192526839 Baby Takota miniature horse and baby Oliver donkey 192526840 Visitor Jessica with a young Christmas donkey 192526841 A 'selfie' of Chester donkey 192526842 PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary poster 193917026 Volunteer Dave with Sarah Rose and her daughter Lily 198037916 Goliath donkey 198037917 Peanut donkey 198037918 Margaret and Emma 198037919 Bernice goat having a snack 198037920 Kitty Lamont the sheep 198037921 Aggie and Jenny donkeys 198037922 Jenny donkey smiling! 198037924 Emily 198576042 Wilson and Gordon both hinnies 198576045 Silla kitty 198576144