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Where is the Spring weather?

Posted by PrimRose on May 2, 2011 at 5:35 PM

Well, first and foremost, we wish a warm welcome to our newest residents: Molly and Maggie. Photos of these lovely ladies will be available soon!


Molly came to us with very bad hooves. Despite her short stay with us, she has already gotten her hooves trimmed 3 times!!! She had also been living outside without shelter and had a very thick winter coat when she came to us a month ago (uncomfortable in Spring!). She's a lovely, gentle beauty who seems to have caught Joey's eye!


Maggie came to us 3 weeks ago from a pace of 70 donkeys in Prince Edward County. Maggie also came to us with very bad hooves - unfortunately, she is so uncomfortable having them trimmed, her previous farrier refused to work with her anymore because of Maggie's agitation. But as we long-eared lovers all know, when a donkey refuses to do something calmly - there's usually a good reason! When Maggie's previous owner passed away, she was adopted by a friend because she was getting lost in the crowd (not thriving among such a large pace). At her new home, she was companion to a few older horses, but ulimately she was brought to us because she missed other long ears!  She is a little more timid than Molly, but she is getting along nicely with Molly, Simon, O'Sullivan., and Jack  It's a low-key, friendly little group! It's always nice when a donkey can bond with another so quickly. We can all learn from them!


On to some more unfortunate news: the sanctuary had a violent run-in with nature last week! If anyone has driven past our rolling hills, you might have noticed something is missing ... our shelters. The turbulent winds of Northumberland were so strong last week that a couple of our shelters blew clear across the road. All of them have been destroyed. We humbly ask for any help you can provide, whether it might be donated building supplies or even donated time to help us rebuild! As you can imagine, shelter is very important in the lives of our equine friends, especially with summer weather on the horizon. We would greatly appreciate your involvement in this stage of rebuilding. Please contact Sheila at 905-352-2772 if you can offer any assistance. We thank you in advance!


We also still have plenty of room on our beautiful Memorial Wall! If there is an animal you would like to remember with a lasting expression of love, please contact us at for information on purchasing a memory plaque to be mounted on our wall.


Thank you for stopping by and we hope to see you soon on a warm day at the sanctuary!


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