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Posted by PrimRose on August 30, 2020 at 7:00 PM

Olivia a new foal at the sanctuary is well cared for and loved by her mother Maggie. Female donkeys, called jennets or jennies, carry a foal for 12 months. Foals nurse for 4-6 months and then are naturally weaned by the mother. At 2-4 weeks foals already start sampling hay, grass and straw. It is fascinating to watch Olivia and Maggie. If Maggie is eating and Olivia tries to nurse, often she will raise her leg as if saying “wait”. When she has finished eating she lets Olivia nurse. As Maggie wanders around the paddock nibbling on grass and hay. Olivia follows along doing the same. While Maggie is eating hay Olivia bounces around the paddock. She plays, dances, trots, bucks, kicking up her heels! Olivia is a joy to watch. Here is Maggie giving Olivia a nuzzle!


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