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Zebras (well not quite)

Posted by PrimRose on May 12, 2020 at 7:25 AM

North American donkeys originated in Africa and were brought here as work animals: beasts of burden, carrying and pulling crops, different materials and people. Donkeys are extremely loyal causing some to use them as guard animals which is not necessarily the ideal use. While donkeys will fight a predator to death to protect their own as well as other herd animals they are best off with other donkeys and make wonderful pets and companions to other equines. Some are used as pack animals as well. There are some pure donkey breeds however most North American donkeys are a genetic mixture. Included in the donkey family tree and also originating in Africa is the zebra. Some donkeys still show that genetic remnant having leg stripes. In the picture below in Finnigan on the left with Sandy and her daughter Grace. The leg stripes on the mother/daughter pair are quite distinct and almost match! Finnigan does not have nearly as much stripe!


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