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Posted by PrimRose on December 4, 2018 at 6:40 AM

This is Marble an elderly donkey at the sanctuary. Marble has few teeth left which is how a donkey’s age is determined but it is thought Marble is well into his forties. Marble enjoys the company of Sheyore and the visitors. Feeding time is another favourite as it is near impossible to get nutrition from hay without the ability to chew so Marble gets a large bowl of mush ( horse pellets and water) for meals.

Marble has springhalt which means the very high lifting of the hind hooves/legs when walking. In Marble’s case it is neurological, he can’t sense if his hooves have struck the ground therefore causing the hoof/leg lifting.

Other causes are eating a poisonous plant called false dandelion and sometimes the cause can not be determined.

There are no ill effects but it makes for an uneven gait.

Please click on this link to see Marble in his new blue winter coat going in search of his next meal!


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