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Posted by PrimRose on February 2, 2021 at 6:45 AM

Our hearts are breaking at PrimRose Donkey as PrimRose has passed away. PrimRose was Sheila’s first donkey and they had been together for 27 years. Before joining Sheila, Prim pulled a cart at Black Creek Pioneer Village and was moved to several different farms for about 5 years. PrimRose was the matriarch at the sanctuary. She was such a gentle donkey, many new donkeys would shadow her as she was calming and steady. Prim was a representative as well, walking in parades and fund raising events, visiting seniors homes and fairs. One of the local principals made a bet with his students and if he lost he had to kiss an ass. He lost and Prim came to the school to get kissed! Prim’s birthday was a huge celebration at the sanctuary every August. Prim would don a hat and walk to the yard to have a special birthday cake and lots of pats and cuddles. PrimRose did not accept any trouble or shenanigans from the other donkeys. If she didn’t like what was going on she would walk away, very dignified and ever so slightly haughty. PrimRose had a daughter Jilly who passed away not too long ago. In so many ways Prim had the best of all donkey characteristics: stoic, steady, calm, dependable but most of all so loveable. No one could look in those eyes and not fall in love with PrimRose. Our hearts are broken and it will be so very hard to get past this. We know PrimRose is in a good place and we will treasure her memory forever. Rest In Peace PrimRose. You are with Jilly now and all the other animals from the sanctuary that have gone over the rainbow bridge.


PrimRose and Sheila

PrimRose dressed up with her tiara for her birthday party

PrimRose in the barn (chandeleir in background)

Principle kissing PrimRose

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