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Mule tails

Posted by PrimRose on October 28, 2020 at 7:10 AM

Mule Tails

In the past mules ( donkey father, horse mother) were used by armies as pack and riding animals. In the USA mule tails were cut in bells to indicate training the animal had received. A green unbroken mule had it’s tail shaved. When it was broke as a pack animal a bell was trimmed into its tail. When it was broke to be driven a second bell was added and when it could be ridden a third bell was added. When a soldier looked in a corral full of mules it was easy to figure out which mulewas trained for a specific task. It would be frustrating, to say theleast, to try to ride a mule with one bell in its tail!

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In this photo Daniel donkey is waiting for Sox and Gina to finish breakfast so he can have some hay. Note Sox’s beautiful tail : no bells though!! 


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