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Mutual Grooming

Posted by PrimRose on October 15, 2020 at 11:30 AM

Donkeys love being groomed with a brush by a human but sometimes it takes good hard donkey teeth to get that itch. It’s interesting to watch two donkeys as they get ready to mutually groom. They use their noses to gently move on the other donkey, seeming to ask if it is the right spot. Then they simultaneously begin to use their teeth. Usually it is a bonded pair that groom each other. Grooming helps with itchy skin, insect bites and removing thicker winter hair. Donkeys also use fence poles, stumps and wheelbarrows to scratch on. If a human is available with a brush the donkeys will line up, some more patiently then others, to wait their turns. Here are father and son, Abe and Daniel and mother and daughter, Sandy and Grace mutually grooming!


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