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Posted by PrimRose on October 1, 2020 at 6:15 AM

Carlos is a hinny (donkey mom, horse dad) who has been at the sanctuary for a few years. His previous situation must have been very frightening for him as he remains very cautious around humans today. It’s best not to look Carlos in the eyes and he has a very large personal space that nobody should enter or he walks away. If the person is carrying a halteror lead line that is the absolute worst thing and he runs away, very frightened and worried. Carlos has had various friends over the years and often chose large mules as his protectors. Jessie mule was a favourite friend but she has gone over the rainbow bridge and Carlos has found new friends. It is very important when equines bond to let the surviving partner smell the body once the animal passes away as this gives them closure. Otherwise they can die of a broken heart. Carlos has made a new friend : Blitz miniature horse. As I was grooming Blitz, Carlos figures keeping Star and Moon between us was the best, while still keeping a close eye on me!! Star is in front, Moon behind and Carlos watches me in this photo.




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