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Posted by PrimRose on September 24, 2020 at 8:20 AM

Gordon is a hinny which means he had a donkey for a mother and a horse for a father. He has a slight cross on his back but when he brays there is definitely some horse neighing there too. When I started volunteering at the sanctuary 9 years ago Gordon was curious but very skittish around people. He has come a long way in settling down around people and sometimes even lets people pet him. He and his pals Austin and Wilson mules were separated from the donkeys for a few years as they were not good at sharing hay with the donkeys. Gordon and friends have become much better at sharing and are now in with the donkeys. Gordon is still very curious and loves to know what is going, he follows the tractor or people around to see what they’re doing. Once we built a snowman with equine treats for eyes, Wilson and Austin were afraid but Gordon walked over and ate the eyes! Gordon’s best friend is Wilson, they love to play together and play fight too: rearing, kicking and nipping. Here is Gordon likely looking for the tractor to deliver hay!


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