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Sara and Jack

Posted by PrimRose on September 18, 2020 at 8:25 AM

Sara, miniature donkey and Jack, large standard donkey are best friends. They came to the sanctuary together when their owners had to sell the

farm. Sara is a quiet Jennie but knows how to push in front of Jack if she wants grooming or a good scratch. Jack was a bit pushy when he came to the sanctuary but has settled down and waits his turn for hay and grooming although he does line up to remind you not to forget him. Sara and Jack are always together and show how donkeys need another donkey as a companion and how very loyal they are. Separating a bonded pair is very negative for both animals and they can literally die of a broken heart. Here is Sara posing for a photo and Jack giving his cutest, I amstarving, don’t me forget me if you have a treat face!


Sara posing

Jack giving his cutest, I am starving, don’t me forget me if you have a treat face!

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