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Posted by PrimRose on September 4, 2020 at 7:35 AM

Aggie is a mammoth donkey who lives at the sanctuary with her best friend Finegan. To be classified as mammoth a jennet(female donkey) must

be at least 13.2 hands high(137 cm). Mammoth donkeys were bred to be tall and strong to do agricultural work in the past. They were bred by mating several large European breeds such as Poitou and the Catalan donkeys. More recently mammoths have been used to drag selectively logged trees from forests. As both these tasks are not done using animals these days mammoth donkeys are becoming rare. Aggie is a gentle giant. She loves being groomed and while waiting for breakfast she follows along to make sure she is not forgotten. She has a very loud bray to make sure her call for breakfast is heard! Another way she makes sure she is not forgotten is to stand right in front of you, forget personal space and social distancing! Aggie has one of sweetest gentlest personalities at the sanctuary!



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