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Posted by PrimRose on November 10, 2019 at 6:40 AM

Blitz is a miniature horse who came to the sanctuary with his best friend Canterbury Blue. Miniature horses are bred to get very small. Blitz has the sweetest personality: he never gets in anyone’s way and likes to meet visitors at the sanctuary. Canterbury Blue can get bossy: Blitz never does. He often needs grooming to get the hay out of his forelock. It looks as if he can’t see where he is going. When his forelock gets groomed out of his eyes he shakes his head until the forelock is back over his eyes. Blitz doesn’t move quickly very often but every so often he will get the zoomies and trot around the field. His legs are so short it looks like he is moving quickly but really he isn’t! As you can see in the photos Blitz takes eating very seriously! He may be stocking up for winter!


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