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Posted by PrimRose on October 27, 2019 at 6:40 AM

Austin is a mule who is best friends with Canterbury Blue, in the photo, Blitz, (miniature horses)Wilson (mule)and Gordon (Hinny). We also call

Austin: Rod Stewart because of his beautiful highlights that many would pay big bucks for! Austin is quite quiet and introspective, when Gordon and Wilson get rowdy he moves away. If Canterbury Blue gets bossy, usually over hay, he moves away. Lately Austin had become more interested in having visitors pet him. Previously he was just out of reach. Now he lets a few people pet him and then gets enough and moves out of reach. Austin is never pushy like Gordon and Wilson can be. If there are treats Austin hangs back and patiently waits his turn. He has an interesting nicker ( with a bit of donkey bray). Lately he has become enamoured with Canterbury Blue, although all the boys love her, and is often standing in a shelter with her. Austin is quite the handsome gentleman!



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