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Posted by PrimRose on October 15, 2019 at 10:50 AM

Gina is a molly mule, molly is a term for female mule. She has recently come to the sanctuary and is sooo friendly: she loves greeting visitors. She is called a dun mule which explains her colour and while visitors have said she is a horse, her ears are too large for a horse and her mane is spiky like a donkey’s mane. She was ridden in the past and came from a farm where there were horses. I suspect that she may think she is a horse. So far Gina is not very excited about sharing hay with the donkeys. Junebug Hinny is not afraid of Gina’s dirty looks and laid back ears at all and shares the hay. It will be interesting to see who Gina becomes friends with. Gilly, PrimRose’s daughter, is at the sanctuary as well. She was a companion to a race horse. Perhaps they will become friends.Carlos Hinny loved big Jessie mule (who has since passed away) perhaps Carlos can win Gina’s heart. There is no lack of drama at the the sanctuary! It is natural for equines to bond with others and it is interesting to see friendships form!


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