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Vanna White the Goat

Posted by PrimRose on August 17, 2019 at 9:15 AM

This is Vanna White, she has been at the sanctuary for many years and currently shares a paddock with Preston, goat. Preston is part alpine goat and is up on his platform in the background of the photo. Vanna has quite the personality which definitely suits her name. For many of us volunteers she is quite sure we are below her in the hierarchy. She shows this by the slight swagger when she strolls out of the shelter to greet visitors and by raising the hair on her hackles. She enjoys butting and scrubbing her forehead on the fence! Preston loves coming to fence to have his neck scratched and Vanna is realizing if she wants to be pet she needs to stand still! Her hackles are definitely at half mast in the second photo!

Visitors are welcome Thursday and Sunday from 1-4pm to meet Vanna and all the other animals at the sanctuary.


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