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Posted by PrimRose on June 25, 2019 at 7:05 PM

This is Abe who lives at the sanctuary with his son Dan. Abe is walking towards me and if you look closely his nostrils are very flared. He continues to walk towards me until he finally turns away as his nose has told him I have nothing with me that smells like a donkey treat! Donkeys’ sense of smell is very strong to help sense predators. In the background of the photo are other donkeys lying in the sand. As donkeys originated in desert lands it is important that donkeys have access to sand to roll in as this is what they do for relief from flies. The rolling also helps to remove the winter coat as a donkey’s coat is less dense in the summer. Rolling also helps if there is an itchy spot that needs soothing. Dust provides insulation and protection from hot and cold weather. And sometimes donkeys roll because they are happy!


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