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Carlos, Hinny

Posted by PrimRose on June 17, 2019 at 8:40 PM

This is Carlos he is a Hinny which means his mother was a donkey and his father a horse. A mule is the opposite parentage. A Hinny can be differentiated from a mule by the cross on the back (a line of darker hair along the spine and across the shoulders). Carlos is very shy and he has adopted different friends during his time here seemingly for protection. His most notable being big Jessie mule who has passed on. Finnegan mule is his new best friend although Finnegan’s loyalty is questionable as Finn is quite the lady’s man showing a great deal of interest in female miniature horses and hinnies! Carlos watches all these goings on very carefully and only gets upset if Finn is out of eyesight for too long. Carlos then begins to pace. Carlos is extremely shy and cautious around humans likely due to poor treatment prior to arriving at the sanctuary. Here is Carlos having dinner and about to look over his shoulder in case another equine like Finn comes to steal a bite!


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