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Donkey Communication Part 2

Posted by PrimRose on April 29, 2019 at 6:20 AM

Donkeys communicate in other ways then braying and most are quite subtle. When a donkey is unsure or afraid they tend to freeze to analyze the situation to see if it is safe for them. This can look like stubbornness but it is not. Another way of showing uncertainty is pursed lips and the upper lip jutting over the bottom lip. Pleasure and happiness is shown by quivering lips such as from a good scratch. A donkey hug feels like they are leaning against you when getting a good scratch or grooming. Donkey ears move all the time as they listen to sounds around them but both ears flat back and head jutted forward show displeasure almost always directed towards another donkey is regards to food. Depending on the situation such as how many donkeys are around I have pulled up on donkey ears to diffuse the situation. A swinging donkey tail can show agitation or excitement it is important to know your donkey well. It can also mean there are a lot of annoying flies! A common rule when around donkeys is not to walk behind them as donkeys are known for the strength of their kicks. If they experience pain they kick or a defensive move against a predator. Even a fly bite can cause a kick. Generally donkeys are very calm tranquil animals and never mean humans harm!


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