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Donkey Shapes and Sizes

Posted by PrimRose on April 8, 2019 at 6:05 AM

Donkeys come in three sizes. On the left is Jack who is a standard. Beside Jack is Aggie who is a mammoth donkey. The little brown one is Sara miniature donkey. While there are no hard and fast rules regarding personality and size, the mammoths seem to be gentle giants.

Donkeys are also very loyal. Jack and Sara came to the sanctuary together and are always in close proximity to each other. Sara is a bit more social then Jack as some minis are, but Finegan (not in the photo) is a slightly larger mini and is not nearly as friendly. Aggie is quite sure that Finegan is her son and they are often close together too! Donkeys are truly fascinating to watch and have a complex social structure.

Come visit Thursdays and Sundays at 1 pm and watch these lovely animals. Or check the website for upcoming special events this spring and summer.



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