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Poisonous Plants for Donkeys

Posted by PrimRose on October 2, 2018 at 5:10 PM

There are many trees, plants and vegetables that are poisonous fordonkeys. Here are a few of the more common plants. A very thorough list can be found at the article is called Safe Plants for Donkeys. Poisonous plants include nightshade, buttercup, columbine, foxglove, hellebore, ivy, lily of the valley, monkshood,and ragwort. Poisonous trees include yew, black walnut, peach, plum, oak, red maple and buckthorn. Poisonous vegetables include cabbage, kale and turnip.It is important to inspect Donkey paddocks to see if any of these plants are growing there. Also remember donkeys can lean over the fence and nibble on what is growing in the ditches. When grazing or food is sparse donkeys are more likely to inadvertently eat something poisonous. As the weather is getting wetter it is important to inspect the hay bales for mold and rot often found on the inside. Eating bad hay can cause poisoning and blindness. Here is volunteer Dave clearing out old hay, moving it to the compost pile and putting in fresh hay.

Thank you to Amy Swift at Donkey Time to allow me to refer to her excellent article on plants that are poisonous for donkeys for this blog.

The miniature horses, mule and hinnies are eating fresh hay.


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