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Posted by PrimRose on April 17, 2018 at 6:20 AM

It is interesting to observe the donkeys and mules; their personalities and behaviour are quite different. This series of equine photos also demonstrates their personalities. This is Austin, he is a mule having a donkey for a father and a horse for a mother. He looks positively regal in this picture. Austin is cautious with strangers and prefers not to be pet which can seem standoffish. After he lost his good friend Sheema he did enjoy neck scratches. When good friends Wilson and Gordon get frisky he walks away and avoids any trouble.

This is Wilson hinny. He had a donkey for a mother and horse for a father. Hinnies are physically different then mules in that there is a slight cross on their back. The dark line on Wilson’s spine can be seen in this photo. Wilson can also seem standoffish similar to Austin. He prefers not to be pet and can be cautious around new people. Wilson is territorial and can be bossy with donkeys which is why he is kept separate from the donkeys. Here he is with his mouth full as is usually the case, ears perked and nostrils flared. He is checking if there are treats around.

This is Gordon also a hinny. His personality is similar to Wilson’s: prefers not to be touched, territorial and cautious around strangers. However Gordon is quite curious and smart. One day a gate was left open and instead of going to eat the hay on the porch he stood at the window of the house to see what Sheila was doing. When Gordon gets his photo taken he always acts nonchalant or maybe slightly embarrassed: lookingcasually right and left.

And then there are the donkeys! Donkeys are similar to dogs: they follow you around, are loyal, love a good scratch and treat and are smart and curious. It is often difficult to get a good photo as they stand so close and follow as you back up to get a good shot. Here is Charlie mini donkey doing exactly that as I try to get a good shot!

I also tried crouching but that brought Charlie too close for a photo.



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