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Posted by PrimRose on April 3, 2018 at 6:55 AM

Donkey hearing is quite similar to other equines but due to ear size donkeys can pick up sounds from quite far away. Interestingly the ears can move separately from each other.

Indiana Jones is listening to me as well as something in the opposite direction with the other ear.

Jenny is listening behind her.

Here Jenny is listening behind her as well as off to the side.

Virgil has got his full attention on me and is listening very intently. Probably hoping to hear that it is dinner time and he better hurry to the barn. He has learned that he has to eat before his good friend Finegan who eats as fast as he can and then finishes off Virgil’s dinner. When donkeys are resting both ears often relax and point to the side. When both ears are pointed to the back and down tight to the head the donkey is giving a warning he is unhappy and it is best to steer clear. Something we rarely see at the sanctuary!


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