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Mutual Grooming

Posted by PrimRose on March 26, 2018 at 7:15 AM

It is quite interesting to watch two donkeys decide to mutually groom each other. They stand ever so slightly side by side and then muzzle along the other donkey’s side as if trying to find and agree on which is the right spot. Meanwhile at the exact same time the other donkey is doing the same nuzzling on the other side. Somehow they communicate that this is the right spot and they begin grooming at the same time, nibbling with their teeth. This goes on for a few minutes. Favourite spots are along the neck, withers or shoulders. If you are looking to get into a donkey’s good books, scratching those areas mentioned above or the base of the tail or the cheeks of the rump are great places to start. Some donkeys like to have the inside of their ears gently stroked. Here is Joey and Jenny grooming each other.


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