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Posted by PrimRose on March 14, 2018 at 7:05 AM

When a new Donkey comes to the sanctuary they often are already named. Reasons that they may be renamed is that they don’t respond to the name therefore not knowing it is their’s or if the name does not suit them. If a donkey has a name , recognizes it but it is still changed the first consonant sound is kept same as that is what the donkey recognizes. Here on the left is Moon, good friend of Star, who's small white star can be seen on the forehead. Marching over is Indiana Jones also called Indie. These three were already named.

In this photo is Finegan mule already named and the buried head is likely Karl. The tall mule on the right is Jessie. When she came her name was Jezebel which did not suit her so she was renamed.

The white donkey on the left is Sally with her six year old son Oliver. The dark donkey is Robbie and the tall donkey is Joey. Sally was rescued from an auction and was pregnant with son Oliver. They were both named after arriving at the sanctuary. Oliver was named after Sheila's cat that had passed away the day before Oliver was born. Oliver kitty passed away at age 23! Robbie was also named after arriving at the sanctuary and his full name is Robbie Burns :) Joey, well his name just suits him perfectly!

As any visitor to the sanctuary would agree the names are carefully chosen and suit each animal.


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