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Posted by PrimRose on March 5, 2018 at 8:05 AM

Virgil is a small mule and had a donkey father and horse mother. It is possible Virgil has some Shetland pony in him noticeable in his colouring. Virgil has been at the sanctuary for years but remains very cautious around humans. This is the story of his rescue. Sheila got a call there was a mule for sale at an animal auction. When she arrived the auctioneer was prodding Virgil with an electric cattle prod making him squeal in pain which many there found humorous. So his caution around humans is for a good reason. On occasion Virgil will chase donkeys away from the hay bale but this does not happen often. He tends to associate with other mules and hinnies in particular Finegan mule. Both Virgil and Finegan get some extra nutrition in their own bowls but Virgil has learned he is better off eating alone as Finegan will eat as fast as he can then go after Virgil’s bowl. Virgil is quite a favourite at the sanctuary! Come and meet him Thursday and Sunday from 1-4pm all year round. Here's the link to our location:


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