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Posted by PrimRose on February 27, 2018 at 6:55 AM

All male animals at the sanctuary are neutered preferably prior to arrival or they are segregated and are neutered here. As all the animals at the sanctuary are rescued it is clear there are many unwanted animals and reproduction is not desirable. Neutering is preferable prior to arrival at the sanctuary. Unneutered jacks cause the female animals (jennets) to go into heat which can get disruptive. Female donkeys can go into heat their entire lives but pregnancy before the age of 3 and after 40 is very hard on the animal. Jennets are pregnant for 12 months and rarely have twins. Going into heat begins between 8 months and two years. Heat lasts for 6-9 days and occurs every 23-30 days. Jacks become sexually mature between 8 months and a year. Unless a jack is used for breeding it is easiest to castrate just before weaning around 6 months. Jacks should not be used for breeding before the age of 2 years. Uncastrated jacks do not make good pets as they can be aggressive and difficult to handle. This is Sally who was pregnant when she arrived at the sanctuary and is often found with her 6 year old son Oliver at her side.


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