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Posted by PrimRose on January 4, 2018 at 6:50 AM

To me Charisma was a typical donkey in so many ways. She was stoic, slow moving, and a bit melancholy like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. She could make her wishes known with a push of the head if she wanted a brushing or a bray if she felt dinner was late, or worse yet: missed altogether! As Charisma had few teeth left due to her age she ate fit and fibre mush. When the food bowl was in sight she knew to go to a shelter to eat so she wouldn’t have to share with the other miniature donkeys in the paddock. Charisma was part of the pace of miniature donkeys. A pace is a group of donkeys. One day Buck the farrier was about to trim the mules hooves and was moving them to a different paddock. In order to do that the miniatures has to go into a separate corral. All the other other miniatures went into the corral and Charisma got missed as she was resting out of sight in a shelter. Charisma became aware that all the other miniatures had been moved and she was going to left behind. She came out the shelter, and in her slow stately walk made her way over to the corral to join her friends. Charisma passed away Christmas Day and more details about her can be found on the sanctuary Facebook page here:


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