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Posted by PrimRose on October 22, 2017 at 7:50 AM

In the hot days of summer, despite the best efforts of the volunteers at mucking out, flies can be relentless. The mules and hinnies are tormented as well. Their tails are longer to sweep the flies away. Here are the donkeys grouped together trying to keep the flies at bay. Occasionally the flies will bite so severely on a donkey’s legs that it will draw blood. Swat is good remedy to apply to the legs. Fly strips are hung in the barn particularly in the kitchen/pharmacy area where food is prepared.

There are fly collars that can be purchased that are infused with repellent. These have limited affective ness as the repellent wears off but also it becomes a game to see who can pull off each other’s fly collars!There is a natural product called fly predator but this needs to be constantly added to the compost pile and is quite costly. The best remedy is to keep the donkeys and barn as clean as possible.


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