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Beautiful Patsy

Posted by PrimRose on September 14, 2017 at 7:10 AM

This is Patsy a large standard donkey, 21 years old who is blind. When hay is harvested and rolled too tightly or if it is wet the centre can go mouldy, not good for donkeys at all. This is what happened with Patsy, she got an eye infection as a result and lost her eye sight. She has had 2 self appointed seeing eye donkeys: Amos and Jonathon Cupcake who have both passed away.

After Patsy lost her eye sight the vet said she had to have her eye balls removed to prevent further infection. We had a fundraising event at the sanctuary to raise money and from the financial help of all our visitors enough was raised to pay for Patsy's surgery. Off Patsy, Jonathon Cupcake and Sheila went to get the surgerydone. Patsy recovered nicely.

Due to her blindness her hearing is very good and she is constantly swivelling her huge ears around to catch what is going on. Patsy has the loudest bray of any donkey at the sanctuary, more of a bellow really to let everyone know when it is feeding time, when she wants to leave her stall to go out to graze or when someone needs to lead her back to the barn to her stall. In this photo Patsy's nostrils are flared to get enough air to give her huge bray, it takes a lot of energy.

On visiting days Patsy is in her stall to greet all the guests.



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