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Sheyore and Marble

Posted by PrimRose on September 5, 2017 at 8:05 AM

Sheyore and Marble are two elderly donkeys who came together to the sanctuary. (Earl is in the background) As a donkey's age is determined by the wearing down of the teeth, it is difficult to determine their ages as they have no teeth. They are probably in their forties. It is also difficult for Sheyore and Marble to eat hay or graze, so Sheila mixes pellet feed with boiling water and makes mush for breakfast and dinner. Sheyore has a very noticeable sway back. As the donkey has not been at the sanctuary for long it is difficult to know what caused the sway back but there are two types. One is when the tissue supporting the back weakens over time and the weight of the belly pulls on the spinal column. This can be caused by repeated pregnancies although older geldings can also have this condition. The animals appear to be in no pain. Sway backs can also occur in juvenile animals due to malformations in the spine. This would likely prevent the donkey from being a working animal.

As all donkeys at the sanctuary are officially retired Sheyore and Marble will live the rest of their lives in peace at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary. Come visit Thursday and Sunday from 1-4pm and meet these two calm, friendly donkeys.




Sheyore and Marble with Earl in background

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