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New baby Oliver born at the Sanctuary!

Posted by PrimRose on November 6, 2011 at 1:15 AM

My friends and I are thrilled to announce a new arrival at the Sanctuary, the adorable baby donkey Oliver! He has been keeping me so busy since his mom Sally Anne welcomed him on August 19th that I don't even have time to write my blogs!  He has the softest brown fur, a white muzzle and a distinctive ‘Shadow of the Cross’ on his back. Truly a bouncing baby, he dances and hops around the barnyard, having learned to vault over his water bucket during his first week!


Oliver’s expectant mom faced an uncertain future in July after she was put up for sale at an auction. Right after she arrived, she received the care she urgently needed and seems very grateful to founder, Sheila Burns, and her dedicated volunteers.  Come and visit with Oliver under the watchful eye of his proud new Mum.

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