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Photo Gallery of PrimRose and her friends:



PrimRose celebrated her 42nd birthday this year! PrimRose is the namesake of the sanctuary and the first resident. She used to pull a cart at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto and was then shifted around from farm to farm for about five years. She has been with Sheila for 21 years - the one who started it all!





Now 21 years old, at nine months, Ote was already gelded and no longer wanted. Currently, he is the patriarch of the sanctuary, companion to PrimRose, and Sheila's confidante!





Almost 19 years old, Joey is our alpha. Before he found a home at PrimRose, his owners had beaten him with a baseball bat, tied him to a tree and left him there to starve. Goats who escaped from the same farm were found by a neighbour, and when she returned them, she found poor Joey. It took two months for him to trust people, but now he is an in-your-face alpha male! 



Patricia Rose 'Patsy'

Born at the Sanctuary to her rescued mother, Patsy is 19 years of age.  Patsy gradually went blind likely due to an infection from eating bad hay.   Today, she knows her way around the sanctuary, not to mention around a bag of carrots!

Beside her in this photo as in life was her loyal and dignified guardian, Amos.

(please see our In Memoriam page to learn more about Amos)  








Oliver and Mom Sally Ann

A pregnant Sally Ann was rescued from an auction by good friends of Sheila's. Sally Ann had painfully twisted, overgrown hooves. Her future that day was bleak; if not for the intervention of the Sanctuary. Oliver born two weeks after Sally's arrival and was a complete surprise. Oliver will be celebrating his 6th birthday on August 19th and is enjoying life with his mom at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary.




Sarah Rose and Lily

Lily and her mom Sarah Rose were rescued with Robbie and his mom Emily. Lily was covered in big round burs and only about 2 or 3 weeks old. Sarah Rose at 40 years old was really too old to have a baby.

We think Lily must have been born in a bur patch. Lily is almost as big as her mom at four years old and loves hugs and kisses.





Riley is a teenager who was very 'wild' when first arriving at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary. He wanted to chase the other donkeys and not come near anyone to get any attention. He is a 'new and improved' donkey loving attention and not bothering the other donkeys (as much). Way to go Riley! 





Robbie is Emily's son and half brother to Christmas (next picture below). Robbie and his cousin Lily were covered in round burs and very thin when rescued in April 2012. Robbie and Oliver (who is Sally Ann's son) have become best friends.




Christmas and mom Emily

Emily arrived at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary in early March 2012 with her baby Robbie and already expecting again. The very loved Christmas was born on Christmas day 2012. He is a very affectionate, sweet boy, never knowing abuse or neglect and very happy to be part of the PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary family.




Chester and Edward

Two yearling geldings from the Hamilton S.P.C.A. When surrendered they were jacks. The S.P.C.A. moved them to a safe farm. They were gelded and kept for a week just to make sure all their parts healed nicely. Very nervous, hooves long, coats a definite mess. They have been groomed and Buck the farrier has trimmed their hooves.






Gloria the very sweet Jenny was rescued by PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary at 6 months of age after her mom passed away.

She turned three years old this past June and is a gorgeous sweet girl who is everyone's friend!




 Molly and Elizabeth

Molly and Elizabeth have become best friends after the passing of Molly's buddy Maggie and are inseparable.


  Phillip with Sheila


 Suzie Q and mom Charisma


  Marian and baby Guinevere 

  Grace and Arthur

 Earl and Jackson

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