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Oliver, Chester and Robbie donkeys

Posted by PrimRose on June 8, 2017 at 6:35 AM

These are 3 of PrimRose Sanctuary's donkeys: Oliver, Chester and Robbie.

All of the animals at the sanctuary are rescued but often people ask why get a donkey. In some countries donkeys are used as beasts of burden, pulling carts and carrying goods such as fire wood and even people.

Donkeys are also used as guards for herds of cattle or sheep. A donkey is good guard against predators as donkeys do not run away, they kick, bray and confront a predator. Donkeys are used as companions for horses as donkeys are calm and loyal.

They are also kept as pets and do best with another donkey. If there isn't one then they bond with other animals such as pigs.


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