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Daisies for Donkeys Education Day was a success!

Posted by PrimRose on May 5, 2014 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Even though it was cold and windy yesterday afternoon, we had a wonderful turnout for the Daisies for Donkeys Education Day!

Thanks to PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary volunteers, Buck, Lauri and Katy for their information demos and for all the visitors that made our event so successful!

Legend of the Donkeys Cross

Posted by PrimRose on April 15, 2014 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)

 Here's the Legend of the Donkey's Cross by Mary Singer


All donkeys have a cross, althought sometimes it hard to see. You can see the crosses on PrimRose, William, Taco and many others at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary.

"Bring me the colt of a donkey" was the masters request

A young donkey was brouthg to Jesus to carry him to Jerusalem.

A week later Jesus was ordered to be crucified.

The little donkey so loved the Lord that he wanted to help him carry the cross.

But alas he was pushed away.

The sad little donkey waited to say goodbye until nearly all had left.

As he turned to leave the shadow of the cross fell upon the back and shoulders of the little donkey.

And there it has remained,  a tribute to the loyalty and love of the humblest of God's creatures.

By Mary Singer

PrimRose Donkey and Principal Craig Myers

Posted by PrimRose on December 11, 2013 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Principal Craig Myers at Cobourg District Collegiate East in Cobourg, Ontario challenged his students to raise $10,000 for charity. In return, he would kiss a farm animal OF THEIR CHOICE at a special assembly!


Mr. Myers lost his bet when the students raised nearly $11,000! PrimRose was decked out in her finest holiday accoutrements when Mr. Myers made good on his bet! He couldn't have picked a lovelier farm animal.


Well done CDCI East students and Craig Myers!

Cedar Cove Wellness is donating $1.00 from sale of each Donkey moon and stars candle.

Posted by PrimRose on November 10, 2013 at 7:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Donkey (or horse) with moon and stars beeswax pillar candle $14.50 with $1.00 from each candle sold, being donated to PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary. These candles are made from 100% pure Northumberland Ontario beeswax with cotton wicks. Size is 3 1/4 inches in height and circumference is 8 1/2 inches.


Orders may be placed online or contact Susan email [email protected] or call 905-377-1743




This April We Lost Our Jack

Posted by PrimRose on August 19, 2013 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (0)

This April we lost JACK our old “busy body” donkey 49 yrs. old. He was such a fussy old man- always in your way – you could see the smile on his face when he blocked the aisle or a doorway. We respected Jack and his weird sense of humour. St. Peter just push him out of the way of the “Pearly” gates. He’ll move.



Also in April we lost Russell, our big red mule. Who knew a mule could last to 50!! The decision was so very hard to make but with great support you get comfort. He was a big wonderful creampuff – loved Christine and his rides in the forest!


Two days later I got a call about a molly mule – Jesse- we picked her up - she is a very large beautiful girl and Chris rides her. Russell would be pleased!!!


We picked up Polly and Nellie – mother and daughter - surrendered to the Quinte West Humane Society – from Picton area – what a mess – their hooves VERY over-grown – very difficult to walk - Buck did his magic and now they can walk without pain. It took a little time for them to adjust to a gentle touch. Very shy. Their hooves are looking almost normal – they don’t walk like a duck!!


Next came in Rosie and Kelli - miniatures mother and daughter – hooves overgrown – Buck of course did his magic. They have settled in very nicely and are very affectionate.


Hello Patrick - a mini gelding – very much taller than his 3 ft. – to his own mind he is at least 10 ft. tall!! And ready to take on the world. Well, Riley anway!!


Thank you for all your prayers and monetary donations. Patsy was our immediate concern and her surgery as a great success – both eyes have healed very nicely. Jonathon was truly amazing throughout the entire ordeal.


Monday – June 24 - Buck, Chris and I trailered them to Milton Equine Hospital. We left Patsy and Jonathon in a nice quiet stall for the night. Tuesday- Jonathon, Christine and I saw Patsy down to the surgery area. The vet sedated Jonathon as he was so upset with Patsy led out of view. Chris and I stayed with Jonathon the entire day – Patsy came out of operation into recovery around 2:30 – a volunteer offered to relieve us with Jonathon so we could have a break – when we returned Patsy was out of recovery and Jonathon glued at her side. The bandages were so big he could not put his head under her chin to snuggle. We were assured the bandages would come off within the hour. I am sure Jonathon did not have a good night. Al, Chris and I returned the next day, Wednesday, to take our patient and her trusty little guardian home. There was a big concern on Jonathon’s part when loading but he soon figured out if he went towards her and backed into her face she would walk on the trailer and she did! He led her into the pasture beside the driveway. I am sure Jonathon slept for the first time in three nights – I DID!!


Today July 07 – her eyes are healing and almost looking normal – the stitches are dissolvable. Kelli, the vet, is very pleased.


The dedication and love between these two equines is totally AMAZING!!! How can I tell him what an awesome friend he is to his Patsy!!!!


Tuesday, Aug. 01 we picked up a jack, Kitchener way, hooves quite long, two very bad wounds on both back legs from we think a fence. Not wanted. Kelli gelded him and bandaged his legs – he is in the small pasture by the driveway until his affection for the ladies subsides. Very vocal - NOT HAPPY! What a lovely boy. Name –Llewellyn (Welsh for Lion)


Aug. 05 – we picked up a little gelding, he lived in a shed for 2 yrs. Coat a mess, with attitude. He came from the Oshawa Zoo previous to these owners – alone in a small pasture, small shed. He was found by a friend of mine and had convinced the owner to give him to us. He is VERY PUSHY – his name of course is JACK!!



Aug. 15 – we picked up two yearling geldings from the Hamilton S.P.C.A. When surrendered they were jacks. The S.P.C.A. moved them to a safe farm. They were gelded and kept for a week just to make sure all their parts healed nicely. Very nervous, hooves long, coats a definite mess. Look out Chester and Edward here come the girls with brushes, combs in hand and your favorite peppermints. Buck will do his magic on Monday.



Very busy summer!! THANK YOU – Sheila and PrimRose


Remembering a special friend: O'Sullivan

Posted by PrimRose on August 19, 2013 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

     I have shared many happy stories of lives saved or animals with no quality of life whos lives have been transformed because of Sheila and her tireless volunteers.

     Roma wrote the story below about O'Sullivan, a donkey who truly deserved a happy ending. Regrettably he could not be saved and was euthanized nearly 2 years ago.  He was released from pain knowing he was dearly loved, which along with heroic efforts from our vet, Dr. Kelli Gilson and tireless care was all we could give him. 

     He was rescued from a farmer who purchased a truckload of cattle and when the cattle were unloaded he found O'Sullivan.  He was a donkey with no name, undernourished with horribly neglected hooves which had caused his legs to become deformed.  Even more disheartening, he had been placed on the truck to become someone else's problem, as his previous owner would not spare the time or expense to release him from his agony.

     That is all I can tell you of his background story. 

     What I chose to remember about about O'Sullivan is that he loved people and became fast friends with another arrival at the time, our dear Simon. 

     O'Sullivan, as you will clearly see in his photograph, had deep pools of brown eyes reflecting your image when you looked in them.  They showed his great intelligence and gentle, gentle spirit.  He had gorgeous,curly, white fur and loved to be groomed, petted, rubbed and hugged. 

     His loss was extremely painful to many including his dear friend Shari.  His gentle spirit lives on in all of us who were touched by his love and in a bright star in the night sky.  We so thank his loving sponsor 'Mom& Dad' for their kind contribution to his support and care.

     Roma's wrote this beautiful and loving tribute while he was still living.  A place in the ground was carefully selected and he was buried where Sheila will keep him close at hand for as long as she can thus ensuring that he will remain a beloved Sanctuary resident forever. 

                                                  “Oh! Sullivan!”

      During the summerof 2010, F.G.* received a phone call concerning a donkey in distress.  It seems that while the donkey was working to protect 8 bullocks, his owner, through ignorance or indifference, was negligent insofar as the donkey’s care was concerned. Our caller eventually convinced the owner to obtain the services of a farrier.  The work needed was substantial, as by this time the donkey, O’Sullivan by name, could barely stand, let alone walk.  Growing impatient with the time consuming process and its cost, the owner attempted to complete the farrier’s task of trimming this animal’s long overgrown feet.  The results were not good.

      The man was persuaded to let F.G. take the donkey. However, he refused to allow the truck and trailer to enter the pasture.  Poor O’Sullivan was required to slowly and painfully limp downhill some considerable distance.

     When O’Sullivan arrived at our corner of heaven, tears flowed for this poor tormented soul.  He was in such distress and lookedas though he had reached the end of the road. We thought he was very old, maybe fifty. The vet, Dr. Kelli Gilson, examined him and we were shocked to learn that our new friend was only in his mid-twenties (donkey’s can live into their fifties).  Dr. Kelli thought, given his age, O’Sullivan deserved a chance – for care, for love, for life.

     For the last 8 months Sheila, her many volunteers and Dr. Kelli have poured balm of every sort over this most deserving creature.  We endeavour to encourage him to fight his way to good health.  He has no muscle, just skin and bones,not withstanding his great appetite.  He loves the smell of his warm mash, presented to him twice a day, the heady fragrance of his good hay, his dessert of thinly sliced fruit and veg salad (carrots, celery, apples, pears, lettuce). His eyes tell us that he truly appreciates our hugs and kisses, our words of encouragement, his clean bed in the barn, our assurances that he is safe.

     We do not know whether he will make it.  He is still quite ill.  But until O’Sullivan, or Dr. Kelli, calls ‘time’, we will do everything in our power to comfort this severely wounded friend.

Nanny Roma

O’Sullivan’s Salad Maker

May 2011


* FG: Fairy Godmother, aka Sheila Burns, the Founder and Proprietor of the PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary


~~ Our darling O’Sullivan was released from his labours on

Friday, September 23, 2011 


10% of Beeswax Candle Sales in May will be donated to PrimRose!

Posted by PrimRose on May 2, 2013 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)

10% of all Beeswax Candle Sales from Cedar Cove Wellness will be donated to PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary for the month of May 2013.


These donations help with vet, food and shelter costs for the animals of PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary. Shop online or in person. If you live in the Baltimore, Cobourg or Port Hope area, delivery is available. For an in person shopping appointment please contact Susan 905-377-1743 or [email protected]

Cedar Cove Wellness has been donating time and monies to PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary since 2009 through their Animal Reiki Workshop and other fundraisers. Have a look at the website if you would like to order online and pick up or have your candles delivered locally I will refund the shipping cost on website orders.

Don't miss Donkey Education Day - Sunday, October 28th from 1-4 pm!

Posted by PrimRose on October 27, 2012 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)

For all of our Facebook friends within driving distance, please join us tomorrow from 1 to 4 pm for 'Donkey Education Day'!


We will have a farrier and massage demonstrations and other donkey experts to answer all of your questions.


Live entertainment compliments of the 'Few Man Group' of Dan & Josh Buster Fewings! Enjoy the events and meet all of the donkeys, mules, pigs, goat, sheep & cats.


Complimentary home made treats, beverages & donkey kisses. Home made bake goods offered for sale with all proceeds to animal feed and care. No admission fee; donations gratefully accepted.


A great day to get out and experience this special place. Check out our contact page for directions.



Open House visitor: Colin & family

Posted by PrimRose on October 24, 2012 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Three year old Colin happened upon the Sanctuary during visiting hours last Sunday. He met many of the animals and wasn’t afraid in the least, even posing with our largest resident, Russell, a mule in his late forties.


He later watched the donkeys eat from a round bale of hay and surmised that he might enjoy a handful as well before his Mom quickly intervened.


Volunteers enjoy care for the daily needs of the animals and also meeting the great people who visit them.



News from a local owner who requested assistance

Posted by PrimRose on October 22, 2012 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Message from Sheila to volunteers re: a local donkey owner who had requested the Sanctuary's assistance to find his donkey:

Some of you were aware that a female donkey was missing or removed from a Cold Springs farm recently. She regrets to pass along the news that the owner found evidence that this poor donkey was overcome by a wolf pack and is no longer with us.

Her owner was extremely distraught when she went missing and was very determined to find her; we regret such a sad ending. She was the pace leader to 3 other donkeys and Sheila does not have details as to whether they were injured as well, but she will send along information as she gets it.


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